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Singapore Inc Is Built To Last or Built To Make Profit?


The ultimate creation of the first generation leaders of the PAP to Singapore is Singapore Inc. It is not about the economic growth, housing development, jobs and other achievements that the current PAP government keeps on reminding the people.

Singapore Inc is built to last first and then built to make profit.  If we are to be built to make profit, then a colony status or a semi-independent status like Hong Kong with a big brother protection may be a better solution.

Another myth of Singapore Inc under the PAP government is the need to have great and charismatic leader. This is why they keep on stressing the A team. There is only one team of top class leaders is available in Singapore and this team is from the PAP.

Guarding and destroying

This great leader theory has been implanted and practiced in our business and commerce, especially in the government linked companies. The recent appointment of Wong Kan Seng and Dr Lee Boon Yang as the chairman of Singbridge and SPH respectively is a clear example.

This kind of practice is to guard the GLCs and prevent them to make creative moves.  It is to keep their operations in line with the Temasek and government polices that are engineered by the PAP. 

There are many similar appointments with ex-ministers, retired civil servants, former military and police personnel at GLCs inside and outside of Singapore.  These appointed chairmen or presidents are just blindly guarding and following the PAP’s instruction but not the Singapore Inc’s – the wishes of the people.

GLCs are not only controlling our economy. In addition, it has discouraged the development of entrepreneurship in Singapore.  These GLC enterprises have co-operated with each others to prevent competitions. Look at the telecommunication sector, the transport sector, etc; one will see the true picture.  And we should question their existence is for the people or the PAP.

Singapore Inc is an ultimate creation and within it, there is a part called GLCs and the PAP.  However, they are not only obstacles to the growth of the country, but also act as destroyers to creative ideas and alternative suggestions.

The PAP is OR but Singapore Inc is AND

OR: You are either following the PAP or against the state.   The PAP always projects a wrong OR thinking in Singapore.  If you oppose the government’s policies, you are wrong. If you go against the policies, you are trying to create troubles and you are against the law.

If you want to have high growth, you need to increase the immigrants.

If you are a female and want to have a PhD, you will end with no family.

If you want to vote for an opposition, you will be served last.

If there are two A teams, the country can not compete with other countries.  So, we can only have one strong A team.

The OR is dividing Singapore as a country and we should consider the AND under the Singapore Inc.

AND - Both the PAP and the oppositions are present under the Singapore Inc.  Each has their role and makes contribution to Singapore Inc and the people. 

If you want to have checks and balances, you need to have a strong and effective opposition in the parliament.

If the government is listening and wants to have the real feedback, it must treat the people with equal no matter they are oppose or support the PAP.

If you want diversity, you should not allow the government institutions to be used only by the PAP.
The resources must be shared by different camps and people.

The AND is uniting the people and will build a strong Singapore Inc.

First-rate intelligence with two opposed ideas

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” – F. Scott Fitzgerad.

May be the PAP is not able to produce the first-rate intelligent leaders with two opposed ideas.  However, Singapore Inc is a larger identity than the PAP.  It is able to have two opposed ideas and is still able to function effectively.

Or, perhaps, the day will come when the opposite camp is able to produce first-rate leaders who are able to handle difficult questions and opposed ideas from the PAP as well as governing Singapore effectively.

This is the hope and aim of Singapore Inc.

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