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It is easier to transfer money assets in the Reserve than the physical leases in Aljunied

In this Presidential Election, we are selecting a candidate to safe guard our reserve.  However, our reserves are all in numbers, for example investments in shares, stocks and gold etc.  Our CPF money is also the same, in numbers of units of Singapore Government Securities.  To transfer these money assets is very easy; you just need to key in the password and the correct codes.

We don’t know the magic numbers in our reserve.  We certainly don’t know how they transfer the money assets.  But if it is in the case like the one happened in Aljunied, then we will have to worry about it and ask for greater transparency.

Transfer of lease from HDB to PA

The Housing and Development Board's (HDB) "unilateral decision" to lease 26 sites to the People's Association (PA) and exclude them from common property managed by the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council "is politically motivated and an abuse of power", the Workers' Party (WP) charged yesterday. (Today 23 Aug)

In a media statement yesterday, WP chairman Sylvia Lim argued that HDB - "as part of the Government machinery" - is abusing its power as land owner of common property in HDB estates to help the PA achieve the political objectives.

These include preventing elected MPs from holding activities at the excluded sites which are strategically located and convenient to residents; and curtailing the ground presence of the elected MPs, by warning the residents that their applications for events at those sites may not be approved in subsequent years if WP MPs were invited, she added. (Today 23 Aug)

The transfer of lease ONLY takes effective after WP won Aljunied GRC. If PAP remains in Aljunied, will HDB do the transfer?   

Against the wishes of the People

This is against the wishes of the Aljunied voters. It is a step back ward in our democratic system. Do you believe the PAP government is listening to the people?

If a non-PAP endorsed candidate wins the Presidency, can you imagine what kind of transfer will the government do to our reserve?  But if we don’t elect this candidate, we never know the true picture or half true picture.

Therefore, voting a candidate like Tan Jee Say, we will see how the government transfer the money assets in the reserve even Tan Jee Say may not be able to veto it under the Constitution. At least, we can see the movements and the transfer of money assets. Tan Jee Say will report to the people how the government transfer the reserve from one pocket to another pocket.   

2nd class President, MPs, and citizens

This is really beyond the issue of ‘Chen Show Mao barred from events in Paya Lebar’.  It clearly shows that elected MPs of the other side will not be treated equally.

This will apply to the Elected President of the other side.  He will be treated differently.  Voters who vote for Tan Jee Say will have to be prepared that he will be treated differently from the government.  But at least, the trade off is we will see some transparencies in our reserve. 

If you vote for Tony Tan, you can never expect him to give you the transparency.  He is happy to remain the status quo. 

There is a price to pay for voting Tan Jee Say. But if you want transparency, you will have to vote for Tan Jee Say.

If the government treats some MPs and even the President as second class, do you think the government will treat the citizens as first class?

Now it is time for change. We want to be the first class citizens in this first world country called Singapore. 

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